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The artist Élle de Bernardini spent two months in Paris interviewing different agents of the world of plastic arts for her documentary, "Café avec Élle de 5 à 7". She proposes to think about art and Latin American agents in the city of Paris, considered one of the most important cities for the arts. Élle provoked artists, researchers, curators, gallerists, and collectors to think about what it is like to be, to be, to create, and to finance Latin American art in the context of Parisian flavors and discomforts. The documentary is a profusion of voices that met with the artists from 5 to 7 in different locations in Paris for coffee and a chat. Inspired by the documentaries of Brazilian Eduardo Coutinho, the artist does not appear for the camera, only her interviewees are in the central focus of the action. Élle also brings references from French filmmaker and documentary filmmaker Agnes Varda to create a documentary with an encounter flavor. There is no definitive answer or only one point of view that pervades the entire script. The themes emerge and disappear organically like in a conversation over coffee. But the strength of the lines echo the political tone of the moment, present not only in Paris, but also in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

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