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In the installation, "Naval - Brasil à Deriva", I lined the interior of a nightclub in downtown Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, with black trash bags and crepe tape. During the vernissage, guest performers performed an action where they tore piles of white paper, filled balloons to burst, and shattered porcelain plates. Some audience members were hurt by the performance. The work was presented on October 8, 2014, between the first and second round of elections for president of the republic.


Naval - Brazil Drifting (2014) - Installation - trash bags and crepe tape - Variable dimensions

Ponto limitrofe.jpg

Border Point (2016) - Installation - 200m of tulle, 1500 lamps, pitch and video projection - Variable dimensions

RS Contemporary Museum of Art Collection, MAC-RS, Porto Alegre

242 stones were removed from the riverbeds around the city of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, thus affecting the region's ecosystem. In the same city, in January 2013 a night club fire killed 242 cyanide-poisoned youth released in the burning foam of the club's soundproofing.

Bed (2014) - Installation - 242 stones, paper, tar, pitch and twine - Variable dimensions

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