The skin #2 (2019) - Cattle leather, silicone and synthetic skin - 106x64

The Skin #1 (2014) - Nail on Craft Paper - 47x87

The Brands I Carried (2013) - Sneaker worn by the artist and nails - 70x19x13

Absurd (2014) - Toaster and synthetic hair - 42x50x23

Not everything that shines is gold (2020) - Brass - 20x30 - T: 3 + 2 PA

I don't want to see you or painted gold (2020) - Brass - 20x30 - T: 3 + 2 PA

In the “Do it yourself” series, a series of industrial silicone mold objects that appear to be alive, as they sweat on the surfaces where they rest, leaving marks. Its colors and texture reminiscent of human skin, even in weight and volume, immediately attract the audience to hold it in their hands, explore its holes with their fingers, caress its different textures on each face of the sculptural piece, and even sometimes forcing the piece to widen the holes. They are pieces that are intended to be used by the public as the title itself indicates, they are a means to an end, the countersexual experience through the prosthesis of own manufacture.

Do it yourself III (2019) - Silicone - 25x15

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