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This film is a highlight of the most remarkable events of the first two decades of the 21st century. Previous to the pandemic that reconfigured the global scenario, we can see between the lines of the journalistic images that the worst was yet to come. This is a film about the past, present and future, a film made of several other films that were organized as an archaeologist organizes the fragment of bones that he finds buried in the sand to reveal the animal figure, even if it is just an old skeleton. Who does not know the history, tends not to notice its imminent and tragic repetition.

Highlight (2020) - Video - 1280p - Cor - 25'53'' - T: 3 + 2PA

I use a technical resource of the theater called, ‘emotional memory’ recalling facts from my life; and history of the country that marked me. My tears are the representation of the suffering inherent in every human being and they allude to the process of remembering the past, recent or distant. In addition, the work seeks to rescue the tragic events that shaped my life as a transsexual woman. It is also worth mentioning that Brazil is the country that kills the most transvestite and transsexual women in the world and that currently art and culture are going through a period of undervaluation and censorship.

The artist's tears (2015) - Video-performance - 1280p - Color - Loop - 3:52'' - T: 2 + 1PA

- Collection of the Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre

The transsexual philosopher, Paul Beatriz Preciado proposes in his book, “Contrassexual Manifesto” a model of Contrassexual society where people are not understood from the dichotomy of gender, sex, race and class: male and female, male and female, black and white, poor and rich. But rather as what he calls “talking bodies” endowed with power. In this somewhat utopian society, but which contains in itself an alternative paradigm for thinking subjects outside the heteronormative norm, sexual relations themselves and the understanding of the body and the erotic are radically altered. According to what the philosopher says, a “Dildotectonia” had emerged, that is, a scientific technology that had made it possible for people to implant the clitoris, or to open holes in various parts of their bodies, drastically modifying the materiality of the bodies and sexual and interpersonal relationships. A breast may harbor an orifice similar to an anus, a clitoris can be implanted in an arm or leg, just as phalluses can be implanted in other parts of the body, reaching what we call, "Contrassexual Forms".

The rise of venus (2018) - Video-performance - 1280p - Color - Loop - 2'18'' - T: 3 + 2PA

Lírio meu (2014) - Butoh's video-performance - 1280p - Color - 25'27 '' - T: 2 + 1PA

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